Canton Youth Hockey Association is a non-profit youth hockey organization formed to serve the youth of Canton, Massachusetts. The program is dedicated to introducing boys and girls to ice skating and the great game of hockey.

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Matthew Cullen Mite A Quinn/Rooney
William Damaceno Mite A Quinn/Rooney
John Ealy Mite A Quinn/Rooney
Attilio Georgacopoulos Mite A Quinn/Rooney
Arthur Kaziyev Mite A Quinn/Rooney
Liam Quinn Mite A Quinn/Rooney
Edward Rooney Mite A Quinn/Rooney
Maverick Son Mite A Quinn/Rooney
Connor Sweeney Mite A Quinn/Rooney
William Tran Mite A Quinn/Rooney
James Wilson Mite A Quinn/Rooney
Hadley Wood Mite A Quinn/Rooney
Gabriella Wood Mite A Quinn/Rooney
Nicholas Carlton Mite B (SSC) Christian/Carlton
Edward Christian Mite B (SSC) Christian/Carlton
Katherine Cimildoro Mite B (SSC) Christian/Carlton
Luke Devine Mite B (SSC) Christian/Carlton
Shane Holbrook Mite B (SSC) Christian/Carlton
Lukas Kaplanes Mite B (SSC) Christian/Carlton
Joseph Lourenco Mite B (SSC) Christian/Carlton
Dean Lourenco Mite B (SSC) Christian/Carlton
Louis Mayer Mite B (SSC) Christian/Carlton
Ava McFadden Mite B (SSC) Christian/Carlton
Patrick ONeil-Fernandes Mite B (SSC) Christian/Carlton
Benjamin Parrott Mite B (SSC) Christian/Carlton
Patrick Doherty Mite Grey Doherty/Martinek
Emily Joyce Mite Grey Doherty/Martinek
Ava Joyce Mite Grey Doherty/Martinek
Fiona Joyce Mite Grey Doherty/Martinek
Gregory Liachev Mite Grey Doherty/Martinek
Gerardo LoPilato Mite Grey Doherty/Martinek
Marco LoPilato Mite Grey Doherty/Martinek
Rose Martinek Mite Grey Doherty/Martinek
James Robinson Mite Grey Doherty/Martinek
William Souza Mite Grey Doherty/Martinek
Jack Belvin Mite Blue Galvin/Galvin
Thomas Belvin Mite Blue Galvin/Galvin
Jonathan Bresnahan Mite Blue Galvin/Galvin
Mason Coffey Mite Blue Galvin/Galvin
Ella Foley Mite Blue Galvin/Galvin
Myles Galvin Mite Blue Galvin/Galvin
Matthew Galvin Mite Blue Galvin/Galvin
Emily Gibson Mite Blue Galvin/Galvin
Declan McDonald Mite Blue Galvin/Galvin
Jack Archibald Mite Gold Kraus/Cullen
Nathaniel Mach Mite Gold Kraus/Cullen
Max Apostol Mite Green MacDonald/Morley
Chloe Carr Mite Green MacDonald/Morley
Owen Caulfield Mite Green MacDonald/Morley
Connor Dion Mite White MacDonald/Morley
Max Flaherty Mite Green MacDonald/Morley
Craig MacDonald Mite Green MacDonald/Morley
Jackson Morley Mite Green MacDonald/Morley
Nathan Shanks Mite Green MacDonald/Morley
  Kenley Stock Mite Green MacDonald/Morley
Christian Aoun Mite Black Roache/Stuart
Kian Bennett Mite Black Roache/Stuart
Blakely Ennis Mite Black Roache/Stuart
Xavier Garrett Mite Black Roache/Stuart
Gabrielle Holtzman Mite Black Roache/Stuart
Max Mariani Mite Black Roache/Stuart
Matilda Roache Mite Black Roache/Stuart
Penelope Stuart Mite Black Roache/Stuart
Charles Smyth Mite Black Roache/Stuart
Noah Cafourek Mite White Silva/Esterkes
Logan Chapman Mite Green Silva/Esterkes
Benson Clough Mite White Silva/Esterkes
Alexander Esterkes Mite White Silva/Esterkes
Henry Loesch Mite White Silva/Esterkes
Leah Lundell Mite White Silva/Esterkes
Pablo Mayo Mite White Silva/Esterkes
Lennon Mettlach Mite White Silva/Esterkes
Stevie Patilas Mite White Silva/Esterkes
Elyn Silva Mite White Silva/Esterkes